How can we gain weight: Genetics

The survival of the human race has depended, in part, to the ability of the human body to process excess ingested food and store it in the form of reserves (fat and/or additional muscle mass). For this discussion, it is assumed that water is plentiful and can be consumed freely in order to be able to build reserves. 

Please note that in order for the body to build reserves, it will need to have available a basic set of nutrients. If it does not find these nutrients in the food we eat (unbalanced meals), it will not be able to build reserves. Further, just to sustain itself, the body will try to obtain these nutrients from somewhere (muscles and organs within the body). This is why, even if we were to eat huge amounts of food, we may not be able to build reserves. We need these essential nutrients just for normal day-to-day living. We will need more than a normal amount in order to build reserves. If we do not get these basic nutrients, or the body is not able to assimilate them from the food we eat, our muscles and organs could suffer. 

Now that we have a basic knowledge of how the body works (as related to body weight), we can proceed to identify some factors which will help us understand how can we gain weight. It should be now clear that:

  1. In order to gain weight, we must force the body to build reserves.
  2. We have to eat more (and balanced) in order to get the excess basic nutrients required to gain weight (by building reserves).
  3. We need to eat more calories than we burn. If we do not, the body will not be able to convert the excess ingested food (potential calories) into reserves. 

Some of the factors that may prevent us from gaining weight are:

  1. The body may not easily allow you to consume more food than you need. It will determine how much you need based on your normal routine. Your instinct may control your appetite. It will make you feel full and will make you want to stop eating… badly!
  2. If the body believes you are engorging on food, it, instinctively, may speed your metabolism to burn more calories. It will make you feel energetic, nervous, so that you move more and use more calories.
  3. The body may not be able to assimilate the required excess nutrients from the food you eat. The digestive system may be unwittingly keeping you thin.
  4. In order to build muscle mass you need to exercise. The exercise program may not have been designed to gain weight. 

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